‘The capricious, sometimes even voloptuous forms, with titels as Virilis Toros (for a Spanish Rioja), Amuse Bouche (for the taste perception) and Magique d’Afrique (for a South African wine) express
the pleasure in wine and pleasing of the senses.’
End of critics’ quote in ‘New products and promotions’. Each wine cooler is unique and spices up the look and feel of the wine presentation by tickling the taste and stimulating the senses.

Each is individually designed, hand-formed, and covered with various layers of glaze and 12% gold or silver lustre. To obtain a rich effect, the objects are decorated layer by layer and fired various times at 1060˚C.

The wine coolers are easy to use: just fill with cold water, leave to soak for a few minutes and empty again. As the inside is unglazed, it absorbs the water and keeps the content cool, just like the old Roman and Greek amphora. In fact, ceramic art is outstanding for this purpose.

Special requests for a custom-made design or for producing a model in quantity are welcomed. See for reviews:


Prices on request.