Primitive Tools

Written by Ramona Dales on . Posted in Frontpage Blog English

In the summer of 2012 I visited the Harvard Museum of Natural History and discovered, among other things, a huge exhibition hall filled with showcases containing ‘primitive tools’ (mainly from Oceania)… and my heart leaped. I thought they were supreme examples of ‘the power of simplicity’: nothing more or less than than they intended to be and at the same time made with so much attention and craftsmanship.

The connecting of loose components into one piece using ingenious braided rope or palm leaf and melted tar, the use of an entire row dogs (or wolves) teeth, the wear spots, the sharpened cutting edges, the subtle flexing of the wooden handle to intensify the movement. .. I was left breathless and absorbed these visual impressions intensely.

A number of ‘originals ‘ are among the pictures to be found under Inspiration.