La Prima: the first ‘fullsize’ ceramic sculpture I made. Taller than my kiln and therefore built in two parts, fired and put together again. A ceramic sculpture resembles solid stone, but it’s hollow and thereby easier to move. Through intensive firing it can become frost resistant. I thought it would be worthwhile to give it a try and make one for myself.

I improvised on a torso (no sketch or model) and made it during a five-day workshop ‘Ceramic Sculpturing’ at Keramikos under guidance of Dominiek Steinmeijer. That was hard work: excluding the technical theory, three days remained for the practice. The photographs give an impression of the construction and the way in which the sculpture should be supported on the in and outside to prevent distortion.

After a long period of drying, the sculpture has been fired for at least 20 hours, so that the clay petrifies and the sculpture will be frost resistant. I have deliberately chosen not to use a glaze to see how the surface weathers and becomes more interesting out of itself. Perhaps some day I’ll post a picture of the weathered result.