These free forms are inspired by the Etruscan fibula, a two piece utensil with hole and pen and thus the precursor of the locking pin. Roman women wore a stola which was tied up with a bronze fibula.

I noticed (and copied) them for the first time in Villa Julia, a small museum full of Etruscan objects, during a study trip to Rome. Since then I search for them every time I’m in an archaeological museum. I have a feeling that their beauty is easily overlooked because they’re so small: only a few centimeters in size. At that small size detailed carvings have been made and the simple form of the closure has many variations. See Inspiration for examples.

In this first attempt to capture their beauty, I magnified them about ten times into forms of 10 to 35 cm width, decorated them with a shiny celadon glaze and washed them with copper oxide before firing. In the future this project might be continued…